At present we have 22 restoration projects in process.

1. Canadian built 1944 Polsten Anti Aircraft Gun.

Made in Canada by the John Inglis Company, its original design began in Poland and was switched to England when Poland was invaded in 1939.

It is a quadruple mount anti-aircraft gun fitted with 20mm Oerlikon cannons capable of firing 450 rounds per minute its effective ceiling range was 6630ft with a muzzle velocity of 2725ft per sec. The guns are fitted with the MK2 drum magazine carrying 60 rounds weighing 64lb its overall weight 6895lb.

Its primary role was to take out the V1/V2 rockets or Doodle bugs as the likes of the Bofors and the 3.7 AA guns were not up to the task of taking down the new German weapon.

It was also used in airfield defense and in the ground support role against heavily defended positions.


2. British built 1944 Morris Commercial C8 FAT MK3 with No5 body.

Made by the Morris Commercial Car Company back in 1944 it was also known as the Quad or Gun tractor used to tow the above AA gun and 25 pdr field guns into Battle. This vehicle is believed to be one of only six left in the world registered with the MVT. It went into action on the 8th June 1944 D-Day plus2 and landed on Sword beach.


3. American built 1942 Ford GPW (Willy's) Jeep.

Issued to the British Army during WW2. This Jeep was then stationed at Tayto Castle Tandragee CO Armagh towards the end of the war and was owned by a local man and has remained in the same family since late 1946 early 1947 and is with great pleasure that the work has started, to rescue her from her decline.


4. American built Post WW2 M416 Jeep trailer.

American post war trailer for use with the Ford GPW.


5. British built WW2 Coventry Climax Fire Pump.

As used by the NFS/AFS to fight fires during the Blitz in Belfast.


6. Irish built 1941 Carlow Ford  Mk VI Armoured Car.

Made by Thompson & Son of Carlow on the chassis of a Fordson E88t truck.

Used during the emergency of World War 2 and by the Irish army in the Congo during the unrest in the 1960's.

Very few examples of this vehicle are left in existence from the original 21 that were built.


7. British built 1940 Royal Enfield WD/C 350cc Side valve.

Used by the British army during WW2 this model being the rarer side valve version. It was replaced by the WD/CO overhead valve. This bike was found in a poor state in CO Down Northern Ireland and was first registered on the road back in 1947, but with the majority of main parts still in place. It is hoped that it will be fully restored and on display at the Shane's Castle Steam Rally.


8. British built 1940 Royal Enfield WD/C 350cc side valve (believed to have been issued to the RAF).

This motorcycle was found in the North East of England and was bought as seen, to help in the replication of parts for the restoration of the above mentioned bike and is believed to have seen service with the RAF during World War Two.


9. Post WW1 BSA Vickers Heavy Machine Gun Cart.

Used by the Irish army after partition the to transport Vickers heavy machine guns about.


10. British built WW2 BSA MKV Bicycle.

Issued to the British army for use during the Normandy beach landings to speed up the advance. Many of these bikes were thrown over board by the troops during the landings as they were too heavy and cumbersome.


11. British built 1942 Norman Lyons Field Generating set.

Used to light up tented camps / field workshops etc in the rear of the front line during WW2.


12. American built 1940's Onan Generator.

This generator was used to power a house in the Larne area during WW2 which American troops were billeted.


13. British built WW1 Cable laying cart WD MK2.

This cart was used to lay telephone lines from trench to trench during the great war.


14. British built WW2 Airborne Hand Cart.

This hand cart was used to carry ammunition to the front by Airborne troops who landed by glider.


15. British built WW2 Dennis Fire Pump.

Used by the National Fire Service to fight fires during the blitz. This pump was donated to the collection via the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service. It will be restored to its former glory and available for all to see.


16. British built WW2 ADAMS field Kitchener Patent number 23582

This field kitchen was made by Adams & Son of London back in 1941 and was used by the British Army to feed the troops in the rear. It was known as the Little Corporal, "Funnily enough Adolf Hitler was also known as the Little Corporal from the rank he held back in the Great War".


17. British built Vickers 1939 WW2 90cm Search Light.

Search lights were used during the Blitz in support of Anti-aircraft Batteries to help locate enemy bombers.

This search light once restored to working order will complete the Belfast Blitz Battery.


18. British built 1977 Series 3 Landrover 109 FFR.

This Landrover is fitted for radio and has been affiliated to the 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards.

This ole gal will be the work horse for recovery and shunting the heavy pieces about.

19. Swedish built Bofors 40mm Anti Aircraft Gun or L60.

The Bofors 40 mm gun is an anti-aircraft auto cannon designed by the Swedish defence firm of Bofors. It was one of the most popular medium-weight anti-aircraft systems during World War II, used by most of the western Allies as well as various other forces. It is often referred to simply as the Bofors gun.

The one we have acquired is the earlier Swedish version which would have been in service with the BEF at Dunkirk during the early stages of World War 2 and the London and Belfast Blitz.


20. British built WW2 Radar Anti Aircraft Trailer Number 3 Mark 7.

The AA3 MK7 was a mobile trailer mounted, second level, anti-aircraft gun control radar station, the original design of which dates from the mid 1940s.  The radar was originally used to control anti-aircraft guns Type 5.25 inch and Type 3.7 inch in elevation, height and range via an intermediate mechanical computing device known as an AA Predictor. AA3 MK7 is capable of detecting a Spitfire at 25,000 yards and planes the size of a Beaufighter or larger at 36,000 yards.



21. American built WW2 1/4 Ton Jeep Trailer or Bantam T3 Trailer.

This war time trailer was used to carry ammunition and stores needed by units operating on the front line during WW2.

For use with our 1942 Ford GPW Jeep to carry tentage or small display to and from events.

(Needs minor work to bring to show condition)

22. British built Post WW2 Trailer Cargo 1 Ton 2 WH-Sankey.

This heavy duty trailer used with British vehicles to carry much needed stores on deployment.

Once restored will be another item that can be towed behind the Morris Quad to carry tentage or medium size display.


I will be adding pictures at different stages of the projects to let you see how we are getting on, if you can give advice as we might be doing some thing wrong, please feel free to get in touch via the link.

We are also looking for and awaiting other restorations arriving so watch this space for further details.

A very special thanks

To all those who have helped in any way to help preserve our heritage so that future generations can benefit from it

 and to all the kind people who have donated historical items so that their own families history can be preserved and told.

Again thank you for your patience and support through out this year and long may it continue.