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War Years Remembered Museum
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Hello and welcome to the web site. Please be patient as I am in the process of building the site so that all generations can benefit from its content.

Our mission is to bring history alive for all generations, giving both young and old a greater understanding of life during all the conflicts both on the battle field and on the home front.

The items from within the collection will be available for children to access both in and out of school via the online museum database.

World War 1 and 2 are now covered in the curriculum and I feel our children are missing out, as we do not have our own

Imperial War Museum here in Ireland.

Hence the collection is now a mobile museum which I take through out the United Kingdom and Ireland to both schools and public events to give both young and old the hands on approach to history.

Our past is their future and preservation is our goal, so that future generations well be able to benefit from the work that

War Years Remembered has done through its restoration and preservation scheme.

We are presently trying to secure a base museum which, with the right funding will be a very unique War Museum.

Funding is required to move on to the next phase.

We need your support.

We are a not for profit organization.

I am always adding to the collection through private purchase and through the generosity of the public, who have donated items to the collection, so that others can benefit from seeing them and their own families history told.

As interest grows in how we used to live, all ages are benefiting from the War Years Remembered Museum.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me personally to ask any questions through the link provided.

War Years Remembered is not competing with any other organisation. Its primary role is to fill in the void in an important part of our heritage, it has supported other museums on this Isle and has been a very valuable teaching aide for schools and community groups.

Its sole purpose is to preserve our history through two of the greatest impacts on this Isle during the 21st Century i/e World War 1 & 2.

We represent all our war dead and the survivors from all nations involved. Through education and understanding of the mistakes made in the past and hopefully it will prevent it from happening again in the future and leave a lasting legacy for all our future generations.


Thank you for your support.



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If you feel the work that we do is an important part of our heritage "please support & help by donating, every little helps."

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A short biography of myself and the organization, with snippets of family and local wartime history. This will, in the future capture as much local history that can be gathered before being lost.

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A photographic exhibit showing the items in the collection, along with their history and uses.

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We currently have a number of restoration projects on going, this is an important part of the preservation we are involved in.

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Please take a moment to visit and sign our guest book especially if you have attended a live event.

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This project is aimed to bring all the communities in Ireland together via a greater understanding of the sacrifices made by all nationalities and religions who fought and died for Great Britain during

World War 1 and 2.

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